Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The Doctor Will See You Now...and Now...and Now

So, I am calling this summer Summer of the Endless Doctor Visits.  It seems as though I have spent quite a bit of it running from one doctor to the next to the next.  Kid appointments are pretty much standard.  I am a teacher, so I make those intentionally or the summer:  yearly physical, 6 month dental.  No, I am talking about MY doctor visits, which are way more annoying and scary. 

I am not one for the doctor.  I don't go when I'm sick.  I don't go when I'm well.  I pretty much have avoided all doctors relatively successfully for years. 
I wouldn't avoid THIS Doctor.  How could I, with 2 kids and a hubby who are fans?  (Well and I'm a closet fan too).

But I'm getting older (42--the answer to "life, the universe, and everything"--check out my April birthday post).  And my friends are getting a bit more forceful about making me take care of myself. 
They are hammering it in my head, so to speak.  Some have threatened real hammers. 

It's just that now, one doctor appointment has spiraled into 2 and 2 into 4.  Ugh!  When will it end???  I've had my boobies squished, my cholesterol checked, my leg poked and X-rayed, will have a skin check from a dermatologist, and if I don't make that GYN appointment soon, my one friend has threatened to call the office herself to make my appointment.  (Hey 11 years is not that unreasonable, right???)
Sorry, Judge Judy does not agree...

But the truth is, I needed the proverbial kick in the arse.  It's been shamefully overdue.  And so far, the news has been all good.  But I can tell you, I'd much rather hang out with the David Tennant incarnation of The Doctor than make one more appointment this summer. 

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