Sunday, July 21, 2013

Living Vicariously

Two days ago, my daughter was swimming in a waterfall in Costa Rica, and today they are headed to see the sloths.
Bet it looked a lot like this one...

A month ago, my 18 year old was flashing his pecks on the beaches of Ocean City with his buds.
This is actually a beach in Ocean City.  Missing are the drunken teenagers sleeping off their hangovers in the sun.

Today, my 11 year old went off for a week adventure at Boy Scout Camp, where he will shoot guns, swim, hike in the mountains, and camp under the stars.
This is the Scout Reservation he's at...looks pretty boring, right? 

I managed to mow the lawn and chop a few branches off an overgrown tree...sigh...
Yeah, I wish this was me...

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