Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Thank you

For those of you who follow my blog (both of you), my last post was a pre-run jitter-fest in preparation for my very first 1/2 marathon.

Yeah, I was worried.  Yeah, I was REALLY worried.  I had my doubts.  13.1 miles.  Thirteen is bad enough, but that extra one tenth of a mile???  OMG!  

But on Sunday, January 20th, all that worry was put aside.  I did it.  13 miles PLUS that one tenth.  Me.  I ran it.  It took me 2 and 1/2 hours to do it (ok, technically 2 hours and 32 minutes), but I did it.  I believed in myself, and I did it.  That's a pretty good lesson. 

But more importantly, others believed in me.  I am so grateful to my cheerleaders--friends and family who believed I could do it even when I didn't believe it myself.  Those Facebook "likes" and comments cheering me on and cheering me after.  The necklace and the sticker with 13.1 on it.  All of those things mean more to me than you all will ever know. So, thank you all.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. 
Here I am about to cross the finish line--pigeon-toed and exhausted but better because you all are awesome!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Little Pep Talk

For those of you who follow me on FACEBOOK (or TWITTER or just know me), you know that I have signed up to run a 1/2 marathon on January 20th. 
St. Pete's Beach classic.

Yep--that's what I said...Half...marathon...13.1 miles...

Now, I've been running for quite awhile now.  Probably 5-6 years consistently.  I don't have a runner's body.  I've got a fat butt and chunky thighs and weak ankles.  Up until 3 weeks ago, I had only run over 6 miles at a clip one time. 

I know, I know...
I ask myself this a lot.

I wasn't really.  But that's probably a good thing.  My problem is I think too much...I OVERTHINK too much...and then those little voices in my head start.
Not THOSE voices...

You know the voices.  The ones that tell you that you are not good enough or smart enough or pretty enough or worthy enough.  Those voices that completely kill your confidence. 

I have to admit, my confidence takes a regular beating.  Always has.  I go along fine and then I think, "Maybe I can't do this."  Or someone doesn't like me and I blame myself and figure it must be because of me.  Or I get a small scolding and feel like I am completely worthless.  It's a struggle, but it's one that I have worked hard to overcome. 

So, I'm fighting those voices in my head.  I've adopted my yearly "theme song" to combat the hits to my confidence.  I AM running that 13.1 miles.  I AM going to cross that finish line, if I have to roll over it.  But I'm doing it! 

Here's my theme song.

That's what's going to be blasting on my iPod as I cross.