Sunday, May 20, 2012

Let Me Pencil You In...

It's that time of year again--springtime--mostly April and May--when the entire world turns crazy and my calendar is full of writing and events.  This will go on until mid-June.
I wish MY May calendar was as clear as this one!!!

Tomorrow is my youngest child's 10th birthday.  Have I planned a big party for such a momentous occasion?  Have I painstakingly filled out birthday invitations or even gotten his presents?  Can I get a "heck no, Joe!"???  Truth is, we will spend his birthday tomorrow running from work/school to a pack meeting (his), a Venturing Crew meeting (my daughter's), and Wrestling Open Mats (the surly older brother's) with maybe a small chance to partake of the cake that I am currently baking.   His party won't happen until June at this point. 

Then, there's my anniversary--another big deal, since it is our Two Decade Anniversary.  20 years is a long time to be sharing and planning a calendar with someone.  The 20th anniversary was traditionally the China anniversary, although the modern symbol is platinum.  Food for thought, but hubby and I JUST barely will squeeze in an overnight at a nearby inn in something called the "Sleigh Room" (sounds kinky) and maybe will enjoy some down time.  Besides, we still have our china from when we got married, and I'm not much for fancy dinner parties...who could be with MY schedule???
"Ah, Stephanie, you throw such lov-el-ee pahties."

Hey, at least it's better than our 10 year anniversary.  We had to celebrate early because I was very VERY preggers with the 10 year old whose birthday is tomorrow.  The 10 year is supposed to be the Diamond Anniversary, but we made it the Star Wars Anniversary because we saw Episode II in the theaters and ate at the Olive Garden until I thought I'd pop. 
The 10 Year Anniversary:  The Star Wars Anniversary--they look just like Tony & I, right?

I just hate feeling like I have to pencil in the fun things in my life.  What happened to the days when I was bored to tears?  I sure do miss those sometimes.  Not really...but I am a little envious of people who can drop everything and do something fun at the spur of the moment...without having to refer to a calendar to make sure that fun doesn't conflict with something already scheduled.  

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