Friday, January 20, 2012

It's Snot Fun

This week, I have come down with a dag-nasty cold, complete with stuffy nose, watery eyes, sneezing, and overall feeling that every oozy thing in my body is trying to make its way out. I'm a terrible sick person, I admit. I am used to being on the go. Run, run, run--to the gym, to work, to the kids' obligations and events, to the store. I do NOT have time to be sick, and I am NOT good at sitting still.

But today, it finally got the better of me. Those damned germs won out. Oh, I went to work, but I took a half day. And I still had to go get the oldest from wrestling practice and run the middle child to her sleepover, but I have spent much of the rest of the day on the couch, and it is driving me bonkers. Only the fact that my head feels like it is weighed down by 400 pounds of snot is keeping me stationary.

The kids are their usual understanding selves...not! But I quelled their impatience with my infirmed condition with a pizza delivery. Husband seems satisfied to stop at a liquor store so he can drown his disappointment that there will be no lovin' tonight in beer. But the dishes are piled in the sink and the dog has pooped on the floor (twice) and I wonder if taking it easy is really the wisest choice. As I've said, I do NOT have the time to be sick!

And that leads me to wonder what the family would do if I were ever REALLY sick. Would the house fall down around them? Would the children never get anywhere ever again? Would the husband cause the stock at Michelob to go up and up and up. Hopefully, we never have to find out because that is SNOT a good thought at all.

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