Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Hi, ho, hi, ho...

So nothing is sadder for a teacher and students than the end of a nice long break. Happens every summer, and to a lesser extent, happens at the end of winter break. That's when the tears start. "Why can't I stay home?" and the excuses: "I think my throat is scratchy." And that's just ME. Add 3 school-age children to the mix, and my husband is ready to send us ALL back to school at midnight the night before. Of course, he is not very sympathetic to my plight. He does not have a job that gives weeks at a time (and an entire season) off. Nope, he gets 4 weeks a year, and by God, that's good enough for him.

So, at 5:30 (or so) this morning, I rolled myself reluctantly out of bed and dragged myself into the shower. A cup of coffee later, I still wasn't feeling this whole going back to work thing. Maybe there had been snow overnight and we'd have a two hour delay.

Nope. Mother Nature didn't oblige even a flurry, although she did tease us with flurries AFTER we'd all gotten to school, the bee-yotch. So, it was off to school ON TIME I went.

The one good thing I can say about teaching on the day after break is that the kids are quieter than they were before they went on break. Mostly because they are asleep...Or have crashed from their stocking candy... And maybe I should've taken that one boy's pulse... Ah well, at least there were no real discipline issues today. I probably wouldn't have handled them well. Would've meant I'd have to exert some energy that I'm pretty sure I threw out with the Christmas tree yesterday.

But I know that the routine will set in again. I'm already counting the days until our next big break in early April--spring break. And of course, after that will come summer, the biggest and best break of all! But for now, I'll happily trudge on, like a Dwarf to a mine, singing and whistling (and whatever the Hell Dopey did!) as I go.

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