Sunday, August 21, 2016

Summer Swan Song

Tomorrow I will be heading back to school as summer vacation officially draws to a close.  Tonight, my friend Erin and I took our annual "Teachers Back To School Cry Fest Pic" (5 years of these pics, she tells me). 

See how sad we are? We really like our summers off. 

Every year, I think about how lucky I am to have summers off.  I love my job.  Really really love it lately.  However, I can tell you that I look forward to that summer break, where I can rejuvenate and reaffirm that teaching is what I want to do.  Summer gives me a time to relax, to connect with my kids, to be destressed and not distressed. 

I've had a great summer, one of the best yet.  We went on vacations.  I got to hang out with friends (my favorite thing to do).  I got to sit by the pool.  I bonded with my husband and children (another favorite).   I planted a flower bed.  I ran 15-20 miles a week (except a few weeks).  Life was good.  Life was great.  Life was full of blessings. 
I actually own this tank top and it's a pretty true statement

But summer being over changes the nature of the blessings but not the blessings themselves.  One child is moving out to get his first ever apartment (I'll miss him but I'm so pleased he wants to be independent).  The second child is starting her sophomore year of college.  The third child is starting high school.   Tony and I are getting closer to being empty nesters, but that just means we get to spend more time alone together (I'm probably more thrilled than he is about that...LOL). I am also looking forward to what this school year will bring.  Because I looped this year, I will have many of the same students, but I will also have new ones.  I will have a new curriculum and I am looking forward to trying out some different things. 

So, yes, I am sad to see summer go.  But I am learning to embrace what lies ahead.  To my teacher friends who also start back tomorrow, good luck and have a great school year! 

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