Friday, March 9, 2012

Full Moon Frenzy

As a teacher, I always know when a full moon is around. The kids are crazier. The school day seems to drag. There is drama. There is mystery. There is the constant chatter.

I was talking with my daughter today about that "full moon phenomenon." She suggested that the Mythbusters do an episode on it (well, they HAVE done episodes on whether poppy seed bagels can cause a false positive on a drug test, I'm sure a relief to all those slacker stoners who can now simply say, "I stopped at Dunkin Donuts, I swear!" But I digress). I really don't know if the Mythbusters or any other more reliable research team would debunk the full moon craziness as absolute caca, but I CAN say that no matter how much empirical proof you hand me, you ain't changing my mind. Full moon makes people caaaaarrrrrraaaaazzzzzy.

Maybe it has to do with the tides or the balance of the Universe or the light shining in the windows, keeping us all awake. I know that I feel weird around full moons sometimes (or maybe I'm just weird). I could probably Google the phenomenon. After all, don't werewolves transform under a full moon? Where did THAT come from?
Oh, Lon Chaney, maybe you just need new blinds!

All I know is that I am absolutely exhausted during weeks when we've had full moons. I'm relatively sure that some of my students are turning into little werewolves at night and not changing completely back during the day. My own CHILDREN seem to act out at times. Y'know, the back talk, the arguments, the aggravating one another and me. Makes me wanna go howl at the moon.
Ooops, sorry! Obscure Ozzy reference. Go back to muttering incoherently, dude. This ain't about you.

Of course, maybe it's just me. Maybe I believe it's gonna get crazy and so it gets crazy. Maybe I lose my patience for things that happen all the time. Or it could just be that the full moon frenzy has harshed my mellow.

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